Rhodesians fought along side Australian forces during many conflicts over the years, and it was felt fitting that we commemorate this by the introduction of a Rhodesian Anzac Day Commemorative Medal.

The design of the medal and ribbon are below – on the obverse (front) the medal
will have the Rising Sun superimposed by the Rhodesian lion holding a tusk. On
the reverse, the medal will have a sprig of wattle and gum leaves and is otherwise intentionally left blank for engraving. The medal will be die struck in nickel. The ribbon will be green and white – similar to the Rhodesian Independence Commemorative medal, however there will be a green stripe with a gold centre stripe running down the centre. January-2013-medal-for-web

Both the medal and ribbon design symbolise the ties between Rhodesia and
Australia – our new home.

The medal will be available to all Rhodesians marching in the 2013 Anzac Parade in any Australian city. A bar will be available after a further five parades.

We anticipate that the medal will be available after this year’s Anzac Day march.
The cost of the medal set – full size and miniature is $50

If you would like to get one of these fine medals, please complete the order form
on the opposite page.

A preliminary run of 50 sets is being produced. If demand warrants it, more will be produced. Please note that a deposit of $25 will be required with your order.

Click here to download the order form.

Rhodesian ANZAC Day Commemorative Medal

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