The Lucky Bean Tree

New to the Kindle Store for £2.35. book articles It has small illustrations by a well-known Zimbabwe artist and cartoonist.  The first chapter can be viewed free. The author and illustrator (pen name S.J. Russon) are ex GHS girls.  The story, set in a country called Mozepwe, covers 1980 to the present (condensed to 2 years.  It is fiction as are the characters but readers may well recognise some events.  There are a few laughs

 Nyanga’s Rich Heritage

“Nyanga’s Rich Heritage”  (2016)  By Rob Burrett & Edone Ann Logan. pp.104. This booklet covers the natural history of Nyanga; its geology, landscapes, waterfalls and diverse vegetation. There is a section on archaeology, including current understanding of the terracing, the pits, the forts and water furrows, based on research over the last two decades. More recent history of Nyanga is covered, from the arrival of Douglas MacAdam, the Rhodes’ Estate, the growth of farming and the tourism industry and its facilities, the various Christian missions, to the 1970s. The final section is a roadside guide – a trip down memory lane along the main road from Rusape northward, in which various current and past hotels and personalities are mentioned. The booklet is a guide to help modern tourists, but will also appeal to former Zimbabweans who have fond memories of Inyanga.

To purchase this or other Booklets on Rhodesian/Zimbabwe history, contact Rob Burrett of Khami Press  – . Price of books is around US$5, plus postage of about $10.

The ‘Nyanga’s Rich Heritage’ booklet is being promoted by the National Trust of Zimbabwe, an organisation that seeks to conserve national and cultural sites in Zimbabwe.

For more information please visit the National Trust of Zimbabwe website: and the Facebook page –





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