Rhodesian Reads

Below are books by our members, who kindly donate a portion of their book sales to the ZPSF.

So Far & So Good
So Far & So Good by A book crammed with
humour and heartache,
adventure and industry,
combat and love By
Denis Petmezaki


On Kalahari Sands
Diaries of Botswana days by Anne Moore.


Tatenda by Anne Moore
Reminiscences of the Zimbabwe Bush by Anne Moore


Nyanga’s Rich Heritage by Rob Burrett and Edone Ann Logan.

Launched by the British Embassy in partnership with the National Trust of Zimbabwe (NTZ)to inform Zimbabweans and overseas visitors of the diverse natural and social heritage of Nyanga to encourage a sense of pride and desire to preserve this legacy.


Blackjacks bookBLACKJACKS.

528 Pages and about 80 photos.

The author Tony Illman carefully and vividly describes the journey of his family and the people who witnessed and experienced the Rhodesian Bush War in this compelling memoir BLACKJACKS. He describes the people living in a small community during the armed conflict, and how people rebuilt their lives after the end of the war. Set in Rhodesia or modern-day Zimbabwe and Australia BLACKJACKS is about love, hate and humour. It is about determination and desperation, life and death, and friendships and community spirit. For the author the book has been a huge emotional journey.

For more details about his book and to purchase it go to xlibris.com or any online bookstore or just phone Tony here in Perth on 0409 684 014. I have copies to sell for $30.00

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