Rory Abbott is a Major in the Indian Army at the time of a rebellion against British rule. He stops the rebels from getting control of the Treasury Gold and emerges from the Indian crisis controlling massive wealth from the Indian Treasury. He needs to hide. While seeking a new life in Western Australia he finds the love of his life, Martha Westhouse. Circumstances make it impossible for them to hide in the Swan Colony and they are pursued by British Military Intelligence who are searching for the missing wealth.



This is a fast moving adventure which keeps the reader wondering what the next page will bring.

About the Author

Alan Perrie was Chaplain to Internal Affairs in Rhodesia from 1976 to 1980. Moved with his family to Western Australia at 36 in 1981 and has been successful in business, real estate as well as Christian Ministry. He is now retired and lives in Duncraig. This is his first book but feels he will continue the story with a sequel.


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Abbott’s Gold

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